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ImageOn a snowy and dismal December day in 1964, my beautiful, sad, lonely, widowed mother married a monster.  This monster had an 8-year-old daughter who became my step-sister.  His first wife had died a few years earlier of breast cancer, leaving him and his daughter alone in their house on the next block, a solid brick ranch we could all see, through the leafy yards, from our kitchen window.  I actually needed to stand on a stool to make that happen. 




Some neighborhood genius had decided that, years before the Brady Bunch made it fashionable, even before Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda did the same in Yours, Mine and Ours, this group should somehow form a family and the necessary introductions were made.  My mother was reluctant to date anyone at first, and in fact had decided to try a move out to San Diego to possibly start a new life there, but it was 1964, remember.  She was a single mom with three young girls who wanted to fit in and be like everybody else.  And so, against the wishes of his wealthy and overbearing mother but with the blessings of my mother’s father, they tied the knot.



She married the man she had been dating before we left for California, the man I sort of liked because he had once removed a splinter from my foot, after he called her up and said please come back.  My mom said okay.  He hired a contractor to start work on his house so it would be big enough for all six of us and then drove out to the west coast to meet us.  In two cars, we made our way back to Long Island.  We rented a house in Long Beach while the work continued on the house and simple wedding plans were made.  Just before Christmas of that year, while my sisters and I and our new step-sister stood by watching, wearing the blue velvet dresses our mom had made for us, black Capezio shoes and short white gloves on our manicured hands, they exchanged vows.  I had a “dad.”  And everything was nice.




For about 6 months….