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Sand Flows Regardless (Sonnet 34)

Posted: November 25, 2013 in poetry
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Winds, like time, escape the strongest hold
Of even oaks whose leafless knuckles white
In vain, for sand can’t be at all controlled
With desperation, when fingers clench too tight.
The ages slip like wine from ancient glass
Left to go bad, or sniffed and swirled and sipped
By someone who knows not to let it pass
But take advantage when the barrel is tipped
And flows with days worthwhile of the grab.
These days to seek, discover and explore
Create and love and give the dark a stab
And raise the glass insisting for some more!
To catch the wind, I would respect a try
But riding it is how we’ll learn to fly.

Such a Darkness is November

Posted: November 11, 2013 in poetry
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Such a darkness is November
Full regret of waste
A wish to turn back time or
Go the other way
In haste.

November has no color and
It even lacks the glow
Of when December takes the wheel
And it’s allowed
To snow.

A dreary feeling looms
Until a holiday arrives.
November is the primal chill
Each year to touch
Our lives.

November strikes and we recall
The things we could have done
When our portion of the world
Was longer with
The sun.

Oh, God, take back November,
It ends the season wrong.
And while you’re there, with one to spare
You can just take March

Reflected in the Ankh

Posted: October 1, 2013 in poetry
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So many frozen fires lie
Between your reasons
And not a single ship
The truth to sail.
Written are all the rules
Of games we play for fortune
And so recorded is the punishment
And the torture of a
Pendulum in flight,
The stale, forgotten memories
We wish were young
The days
We wish reflected
In the ankh.

A blinking carousel
Encircles your frustrations
The answers watch as you
Blindly grab.
Spoken is the only chance
To keep yourself from dying
And so ignored is laughter’s catacomb
And the secrets of a
Life you live alone
The bleak December blizzards that
You wish were shared
The rain
You wish collected
Somewhere else.



Sonnet 17

Posted: September 27, 2013 in poetry
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Wishing so long has all but killed my dreams,
Truth, in effect, has watered flames of hope.
As a carriage fixed with double teams
Love has flown, and fact gnaws at the rope.
Waiting, wondering when life will unfold
I stand amidst the sky and watch the stars,
Despite their heat, I lack enough for cold
And with silence, save soliloquy, I spar.
A desperate and melancholy note
Responds as if a charmed conductor knew
Of all the paltry poetry I wrote
To tell you that my love belonged to you.
But knowing that our time will never come
At loneliness, I’m more adept than some.




Pinpoints of the Ocean Velvet

Posted: September 18, 2013 in poetry

Through the vastness that is
Magnified by their togetherness,
We travel.
In the light that never
Ends, but highlights our weakness,
We stand.
As the pinpoints of the ocean velvet
Flame beyond our grasp,
We reach
For greater distance
While what lies behind us
Never seems
To match what lies ahead
We keep
Well our perspective,
Or we pay.
Into lives who only
Dream about the journey we have made,
We sail.
Around self-killed worlds that
Never learned to keep humility,
We bow our heads.