Goodbye, October

Posted: November 2, 2015 in Blogging, Journals


Normally, I love the month of October. The weather is traditionally wonderful – cool but not cold – and the colors on the trees are breathtaking. I drove through the hills of Watchung this morning and they were aflame with beauty. Also, the smell of working fireplaces fills the air and the comfortable boots and sweaters emerge from their closeted hiding spaces.
This year, though, I am very happy to see October coming to an end. Just before my birthday at the end of September a friend challenged me on facebook to write “a page a day” for the entire autumn month. I tried to back out but other people chimed in on the thread and told me I should just do it. Some actually mentioned that they missed my blog and wished that I would post more stories. I tried to tell them all that I was tired of trying to be a writer but they would hear none of it. I really am tired of it though. I’ve been writing – poetry, song lyrics, novels, a memoir, short stories and an ABC book – since I was 12 years old and I’ve had exactly two short stories published. I’m done with it. I do it mostly for myself anyway so it’s enough, for me, cathartic, if I write things in my head and then forget them.
To those demanding people who have said they need more of my blog and that I should post more stories I would like to say, (but never really would), sure, pay my Verizon bill for a month and I’ll gladly write you a tearjerker. Take care of my gas and electric charges for a while and I shall happily write you a sonnet.
I’m willing to bet a thousand bucks (which I can’t spare) that I’m the only one on that facebook thread who actually did take up the challenge of writing a page a day and then stuck with it. Once October is over and the ghouls and goblins have crawled back to their dank, dark, cobwebby caves I will close my journal and sigh. The plan thereafter will be to crack it open only when I travel to someplace interesting. So, there.

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